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Welcome to Hell, baby.
We are going to burn into ashes and beg for mercy.

It’s been three months since Dave and I started dating properly. Girlfriend and boyfriend. And you know what? I couldn’t be this happier!

Yumi eventually got out of the hospital and kept working on her flower shop. No one knows what happened to John. He moved away but occasionally appeared and talk to me or Yumi- And that was a mistake because Dave would get as close as possible to me when the blue eyed dork got away from me.

But lately… Dave has been acting…Strange.

And not the good kind of strange.

Dave started to drink really sweet things that I can’t even tolerate of sweetness. In fact, he asked me to cook pie. Chocolate pie, strawberry pie. What happened to Doritos or Lights? I don’t know either if I’m being honest.

But, maybe this is a phase or something. I’m not really worried because I love Dave and I was a fool before because I didn’t realize that.

Anyway, keeping track. I’m gonna buy more cream and sweet things, we ran out of them (and what the fuck.I went to the grocery store three days ago!). I wrapped my (f/c) scarf around my neck and put Dave’s jacket on me and walked downstreet. A shopping bag on my left hand.

As usual, there was Steve. An awkward man with messy dark-brown hair and blue eyes like the sky. He was new in this kind of work and he was a cute guy. Always blushing and shuttering. But really clumsy, too. He destroyed an entire slushie machine. I…I still don’t get how.

“Evening (Name) it is quite nice to see you again” Steve said in a raspy tone, as usual “What does bring you here, perhaps, again in the same week?”  He was actually trying to be friendly. I started to know him a bit more everytime I came here.

“Dave wanted more sugar in his system and hey, he gotta cook dinner today” I answered as I was picking the can of cream and cookies, candies…

“That is not healthy at all. He should eat vegetables and fruits as well” Steve sounded worried.

“Don’t forget the meat” I chuckled and after I picked everything that I needed. Steve gave me the ticket and I was about to pay when he interrumpted my thoughts and-

“Yes, I do agree but-“

And then the door slammed open. It was…Dave?

“(Name),sweetie, you were taking hella long time here so I thought that something happened and-“ Hella long time? It just passed 15 minutes…But Dave stopped his tracks when he saw the chocolate-haired man was giving the ticket to me. Our hands barely touching “Who are you, pretty face.” Dave asked no wait, demanded in an annoyed tone to the cashier.

“I am Ca-Steve. My name is Steve as you read and tell from my name tag” He looked away, already feeling uncomfortable.

“You doubt it a sec it there, Steve” Dave walked towards me and wrapped an arm around my waist. My heart started to beat erratically as I felt a blush across my face.

“Pardon me then” Steve suggested “Uh, (Name) you need to paid me for what you had  just purchased”

“ First name basis? What the fuck?” Dave’s tone was getting higher pitched but I didn’t’ notice it in time.

“I-Uh-yes…Uhm here” I paid Steve and I got quickly as I could of the store.

Dave didn’t talk the whole walk.

I was supposed to ran back then. But how blind was I…?
''Drumming noise'' [DavexReader] Ch.1
First chapter and this is only just the beggining my beloved ones, this story is gonna get darker and darker <3

Intro: ''Drumming noise'' [DavexReader] Intro
Ch.1: -:star:
Ch.2.: -

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Supernatural does not belong to me but, man, I would love to own it.
Dave and (Name) have a sane relationship this time. No kismesis, no matesprits, no troll complicated love. Just simply human love, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Of course, since the relationship was still new there were ups and downs. They with argue about which movie they pick on Friday’s nights. If pepsi or cola. Simply things.

But lately, there were more downs than ups.

It’s been three months exactly, and then the happy-go-lucky couple started to have problems. Sometimes (Name) would get jealous of Yumi. And so Dave with John. But (Name) learnt that Dave was not going to leave her any time sooner and that sooth her down.

It did the opposite to the red-eyed blonde.

His mind was getting sick and twisted. Thoughts running wild : That (Name) loved another man, that (Name) hooked up with someone else, (Name), (Name), (Name).  In resume, in the Strider’s mind, (Name) from being the whitest sheep living turned into a sinner. The unique and only sinner.

Can he get worse? Yes, he can.
Does this sickness have a cure? Nobody knows.

The only thing we know is that Dave was entering into a deep, deep black hole without any close exit and he was dragging his beloved one with him.

Welcome to Hell, baby.
We are going to burn into ashes and beg for mercy.
''Drumming noise'' [DavexReader] Intro
This is the sequel of:  [Request] Notice me too

I hope you will like it,
Homestuck -John & Dave- (c) Andrew Hussie.
Yumi (c) Me

Intro: -:star:-
Ch.1: ''Drumming noise'' [DavexReader] Ch.1

does this fandom remind me
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Ladies and gentlemen,let me allow to introduce myself.

I really enjoy to write stories, just for fun. I quite enjoy writting 'CharacterxReader' fanfics too, they are fun to write.

About drawing, I do like that as well. But I am not the best one at the time to paint them. I am really bad at paiting, at my own opinion.

My personality is quite interesting. Sometimes I can be the most cheerfull person you have ever met but at the second time I can be the grumpiest. It is quite funny,actually.

By the way, if I make any mistakes at typping it is because two little things:
-Type to fast;
-English is not my first language.

I can speak pretty well english and, of course, I speak perfectly spanish.
One of my favorite hobbies, besides writting and paiting, is learning other cultures and languages.

Enough of myself, just go and enjoy my profile and art/fics.

Stamp: Sollux by Michiru-Mewlearning other languages stamp by DejiNyucu
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So a fandom, yes a new one, broke into my house at 3AM and said 'ITS ME'.

Originally I started to play the game because I saw PewDiePie playing it. And I was like 'seems creepy as fuck, I gotta play it' and then because it was a joke between my boyfriend and I. But anyways, the thing is that I'm actually writting a fanfic of this at 2:43 AM (in where I live).

So yay.

What is wrong with me?

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